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The History of Three Stroke Productions – from A to Z

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Born in London in Dec 1997, Three Stroke Productions is now 24 years old. Well, it would be great to be 24 years old again, seeing as that was more or less our age when the three of us behind the brand started the company.

At that time we were all part of a “style conscious’ scene, but honestly, we didn t know a lot about the clothing industry. We’ve always had a passion for smart clothing from the consumer’ side, and the process to turn ourselves into designers has been a long one – and this journey is yet to be completed.

The team ‘s line-up changed a bit over the years, but after more than two decades we”re still around, thanks to the contribution of a few younger lads that joined us along the way delivering new energies to Three Stroke Productions.

So wherever we are, on every 7th Dec, we celebrate our Anniversary:


“Here’s to the guys who love us, the losers who lost us, and the lucky bastards that get to meet us”