FORTIS is an old Latin word that means “brave”, “courageous” and “strong”

Technical knowledge and cultural background of a brand not only come from  experience, mistakes , tenacity and  eagerness to learn:  along these 21 years, enhancements and growth were also generated by encounters and collaborations with people of different backgrounds that helped us to become what we are today.

The “Fortis London” project of Three Stroke Productions originates from a collaboration between the brand itself, a couple of our best suppliers, real artisans within the clothing industry and  a young Italian  clothing collector whose enthusiasm and creativity convinced us to explore new territories.


We desire to wear clothes able to meet our needs functionally, clothes that we can identify with. The Fortis London- project aims to combine contemporary urban simplicity and essentiality with “army style ” influences using high-level materials and production processes. All the while maintaining the roots of our “Three Stroke Productions” identity.

While washes and dyeing treatments add extra character to our  Fortis London range, our  “crossed swords” symbol stand for the synthesis of tradition and innovation  we aim our garments to show.

Be Yourself and Look Great Doing It.


Anorack Jacket in ripstop fabric whose nylon threads  make the garment resistant. The two-tone dyeing process gives the garment a worn in military feel and an avant-garde look.

Hood with a drawstring attached.

Half zip and a large front pocket, plus two smaller pockets with buttons.

Embroidered logo and two side zips for easy wearability.

Be Yourself and Look Great Doing It.


Futuristic style frame glasses inspired with a military twist.

Black round lenses with a slightly mirrored effect and metal reinforcements around the lenses.

These glasses are made entirely of metal with a matt black finish.

Metal mesh flap on the either sides of the frame.
Engraved logo of Fortis London and Three Stroke Productions. Be Yourself and Look Great Doing It.


160GSM 100% Cotton t-shirt

Three Stroke Productions tab on bottom left hem

Embroidered Fortis Logo on pocket

Garment washed

Be Yourself and Look Great Doing It.

Fortis Three Stroke Productions