The Solution : NEW VIDEO – BRAND NEW DAY !!

I m sure most of our readers out there know already about The Solution. These lads from Gifu (Japan) have been very active in the past couple of years with lots of new songs, gigs and videos. We asked our good friend Yoshitaka Nakamura, leader and singer of band , to answer a few questions…

The Solution (Japan) NEW VIDEO

We are proud to present the new video of the Japanese band The Solution. Top band and top lads. Watch them out !! [ig_video el_title=”Then Now Always” video_source_local=”” video_local_dimension_width=”500″ video_local_dimension_height=”270″ video_local_elements=”play_button__#__overlay_play_button__#__current_time__#__time_rail__#__track_duration__#__volume_button__#__volume_slider__#__fullscreen_button__#__ ” video_local_start_volume=”80″ video_local_loop=”false” video_alignment=”center” video_margin_top=”10″ video_margin_bottom=”10″ video_sources=”local” ][/ig_video] Don’t forget to read the interview